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Creating perfection – every time

Apex stainless steel doors are truly a work  of art. With our ability to design to custom specifications for your project, we can meet your architecturally-inspired or cleanliness requirements.

Unlike many manufacturers, we are able to work with stainless steel up to 12-gauge and can produce doors, frames and other custom openings to any size, design or specification. From a single opening to a large industrial project with thousands of openings, Apex can deliver it all.

Typical applications include:

Industrial & Commercial:
  • Chemical plants, wastewater treatment plants and public water treatment plants
  • Pharmaceutical plants and labs
  • Clean rooms or labs of any type
  • Hospitals
  • Food plants (especially dairy and meat products)
  • Swimming pools
  • Retail stores
  • Residential (especially those exposed to sea air)
  • Restaurants, hotels, museums and universities

Stainless Steel Door Examples

12 ga bullet/physical resistant stainless steel embassy reception window
Stainless Steel bullet/physical resistant embassy door and sidelite Assembly
12 ga stainless steel frame, 14 ga stainless steel doors, City of Philadelphia
Custom stainless steel door complete with pocket glazings and brushed edge for Razor Creative
Glazing detail for razor door
14 ga stainless steel detention shower door, Texas prison

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