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Our mission.

At Apex, we believe we offer a unique service to our clients. Predicated on our capability profile, Apex strives to provide our clients and partners with a complete turn-key solution from concept to implementation and post-installation support for their equipment needs.

With our vertically integrated design and manufacturing capabilities we are capable of rapidly transitioning ideas into proof of concept models to mitigate risk and provide clarity for follow-on equipment development paths.

Our staff members are dedicated to the challenge of undertaking projects where solutions are not immediately apparent and innovation and creativity are key factors to success.

Who we serve

Our experienced team has successfully completed product development and automation services projects servicing a broad range of market sectors, including:

  1. Food Processing Industry
  2. Pharmaceutical Industry
  3. Ophthalmic Industry
  4. Light Manufacturing Industry
  5. Construction Industry
  6. Self-Serve Kiosk Industry

The diversity of our manufacturing group enables us to service this broad market sector with quality equipment from stainless steel wash down applications to MIL-spec fabricated and coated structures.

Our offering

We work with you to understand your business and to understand your product development and automation services needs. Where appropriate, we can utilize existing or off-the-shelf solutions and develop an integration solution to bring them together as a system, or, as needed, we can design a full custom solution to meet your equipment requirements. Our equipment offerings have provided customers with the following functionality:

  1. Precision Servo Positioning Systems
  2. Servo Based Web Winding Applications-Direct Tension Control
  3. Slot Die Coating Systems
  4. Vacuum Mixing and Dehydrating Systems
  5. Precision Dispensing Systems
  6. Heated Positive Displacement Depositors and Molds
  7. UV Coating and Curing Systems
  8. Thermal Curing Drums and Tunnels
  9. Electric Turbine Food Cutting and Feeding System

How can we help you with your next project?

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Product Development & Automation Group

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