Become an APEXer.

To see beyond today and push for what other’s don’t see, takes a certain type of individual. One who is impassioned with optimization and productivity, knowing their effort may be the difference that gives those we work with – the EDGE.

Our Culture

We’re looking for candidates who are impassioned with productivity, not afraid to take on big challenges, and above all else, looking to make a difference while reaching their full potential.

We are proud of the family of highly skilled individuals from all walks of life we have assembled at APEX. We advocate for diversity and inclusion, and encourage all voices to be heard through collaboration and engagement.

Core Values






Life at APEX

We want our employees to enjoy life – to live healthy, relish family time, and give back to the community in the ways that mean the most to them while knowing they have the support and resources they need. At APEX we want to make sure you can also live your best life outside of work with advantages that include:

Comprehensive Health Benefits

Our comprehensive benefits offerings include medical, and health coverage for our employees.

Employee Pension Plan

We invest in the people who make APEX a success. We reward loyalty by offering qualifying employees a competitive retirement program that sees us match your monthly contribution.

Work-Life Balance

We want our employees to enjoy family time – to unplug and recharge for their own well-being. We offer flexible time off, paid vacation and holidays.

Thriving & Rewarding Work Environment

Throughout the year we look to hold a number of corporate events to celebrate, recognize and reward individual and team successes.

Learning & Development

Innovation doesn’t happen by sitting still. We encourage lifelong learning by offering a variety of skill-training programs and workshops, and by creating a collaborative work environment that allows you to interact with and learn from other highly skilled minds.

Open Positions

Mechanical Technician

Product Development and Automation
| Moncton New Brunswick

The primary duties of this position are to assemble equipment, working work with fasteners or mechanical components for quality assurance, troubleshooting, safety compliance, documentation, and maintenance to ensure accurate and efficient assembly of our high-quality products.



Custom Contract Manufacturing
| Moncton New Brunswick

The primary role of this position is to develop costing models, compile or analyze data on factors influencing cost such as materials, labor, location, and special requirements, including processing, freight, etc.


Inspection Supervisor

Aerospace Component Manufacturing
| Moncton New Brunswick

The primary role of this position is to direct and coordinate all the activities of the Inspection department staff, plan the flow of parts to maximize resources, ensure continuous improvements of existing and future production initiatives, and enhance customer quality in conjunction with improved profitability.


CNC Machinist

Aerospace Component Manufacturing
| Moncton New Brunswick

The primary role of this full-time position will be to set up, operate, and maintain CNC lathes or CNC mills.