In conjunction with our expertise in traditional openings, we provide integrated solutions for both new and existing facilities/buildings using either wireless or wired products such as card readers, locksets, and other devices.

Whether you need simple or advanced traffic control, or high-security products for online or offline access control systems, we can provide what you require.

We offer electronic solutions for every type of building opening including the following:

  • Gate/Perimeter Solutions
  • Restricted Access Entry Solutions
  • Egress Solutions
  • Glass Entry Solutions
  • Office/Storage Cabinet Solutions
  • Server Cabinet Solutions
  • Power Supply Solutions

These solutions can be built on keypad access control (pin code authentication), card access, biometric credentials, mechanical or electromechanical locking devices, real-time access control components including electric strikes and maglocks, or any combination of those and others.

Contact us to  determine the best solution for your life, safety and security needs using industry-leading products and technologies.

We can offer peace of mind, workforce accountability, all while simplifying your workload.

We offer products and solutions from the following companies and many more. Contact us for a detailed list.

We also provide consulting, installation, service and repair for EAC solutions, including existing installations. 

Door Openings Solutions Group

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