Sheet Metal Fabrication

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When it comes to Sheet metal, we can get you through thick and thin

Our in-house sheet metal operation is here to serve you and meet your needs.
Working across numerous industries, we can work with clients with exacting requirements and unique specifications, including military, naval and others (including EMI-rated and Mil-Spec).
Our on-site laser, CNC press and accompanying equipment, along with our paint and finishing capabilities, allow for full control from beginning to end.

We offer:

  • A variety of construction options, including tab lock. Using tab lock construction increases accuracy and productivity, allowing for improved production numbers.
  • Ability to work with the full range of sheet metal, including various types of steel (including stainless), aluminum and zinc products.
  • Gauges range from 0000000 (0.5000 inches/12.70 mm) to 38 gauge (0.0063 inches / 0.16 mm).
  • In-house cutting abilities range from 28-gauge (0.0156 inches / 0.40 mm) up to 3/4″ inch / 19.05 mm.
  • Full assembly and integration, including hardware, electronics, sensors, lexan (and similar), paint and decals and other components as required.
  • The capability to create machined fixtures for assemblies to increase accuracy and speed.
  • A tight focus on quality: we can manufacture and check first articles to ensure compliance with required standards prior to full manufacturing runs.
  • Comprehensive testing services through partner vendors. This includes structural analysis and testing (FEA – finite element analysis), mold/fungal testing and others.

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An introduction to paint and finishing

At Apex, we encounter a wide-range of finishing requirements. To help you, we’ve put together some general scenarios with some suggested possible solutions.