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We work with customers as needed to refine and improve designs

Our experienced Methods and Quality team can work with you to help you resolve your challenges, including:

  • Proving out new designs;
  • Improving existing products; or,
  • Converting parts originally designed as castings or forgings, to hog-out parts (machined from solid plate or bar).

We use the right tools to ensure you get a great product. The tools we use include: Catia, Vericut, PAS, PC-DMIS and Discus.

Our live job management improves our performance

Our live job management system was conceived as a way of improving communication and manufacturing process. The system has been implemented through a continuous improvement initiative and allows us to improve deliveries, response times and manage variability in the schedule.

Benefits to our customer:

  • Quick response: we can track your parts at all times
  • Flexibility: schedules are live, allowing us to quickly adapt to changing delivery requirements
  • Expedites: personnel are clear on the current and next priority

Our Planning and Manufacturing groups ensure that our ERP system is up-to-date to ensure superior delivery performance and flexibility in our schedule.

Aerospace Component Manufacturing Group

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Chinook – Triple door

The Boeing CH-47 Chinook, a workhorse helicopter since the mid-20th century, has gone through many changes throughout the years. In 2013, Boeing Defense engaged with Apex Industries to help refine a complex part of the CH-47 aircraft, the Triple Door.