As a leading detention equipment provider, we tend to get a lot of questions from architects, owners, security consultants and cost consultants on detention projects

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Recently, we were asked to provide a quote for a customer based on the door snapshots and quantity. While the information was clearly detailed, when it comes to these types of projects, hardware can be a large cost issue depending on requirements, so it’s a very important consideration.

In order to get you a completely accurate quote, here are the key questions in addition to the door and quantity:

Do you know if you/your client wants:

  1. Mechanical, or electro-mechanical or pneumatic hardware?
  2. Are the doors swinging, sliding or both?
    1. If sliders, are they a manual slide (102A), a kick release slide (KR3) or fully electrically controlled slider (D2B.3)?
    2. If they are swingers, are they a manual (80 or 60  Series) or column mounted (NS400, or 120 Series or 50 Series)? Are they mortised in the door (D9300 or A9300)?
  1. With respect to security grade: do you need minimum, medium, or maximum? Ordinarily in courthouse applications, we recommend maximum because often the detainees are unknown to those charged to protect them and since public safety is a consideration for this type of application, it is better to err to a higher level of security.
A swinging holding cell door
A swinging holding cell door


All of these items have huge costs associated with them, and they also have cost implications on the doors and frames that are required. By ensuring you get the right hardware along with the right door and frame, you can ensure the detainees, officers of the court and the general public are protected and secure.

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