Intelligent Key and Asset Management Management

Traka Key Cabinet - M-TouchjDo you currently spend a lot of time managing your keys, swipe cards, assets such as portable radios, mobile phones/tablets, cash drawers?

Do you hold your employees or vendors accountable to return those items when they take them out? What is the cost associated with the items if they aren’t returned?

Are your facility, fleet, or equipment costs rising due to a lack of accountability?

Is there compliance or legislation with operational items that must be adhered to ensuring safety and/or security?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you maybe interested in our solution that  will improve your processes and procedures making your operations more efficient. It will provide accountability in terms of asset management and tracking, and it is very effective in ensuring compliance to legislation and regulations.

Traka will provide you with intelligent management solutions for keys, assets, and equipment using industry leading electronic key cabinets and lockers. Only authorized users have access to specific assets. You can check when a key is taken and returned, and by whom. You can determine how often a particular key is used and for how long it was out. If required, a deadline can be associated for the return of the key, asset or equipment, and if that deadline is not met, the appropriate manager or supervisor can be notified by email or SMS text.

Intelligent Asset Management
Whether you need a standalone cabinet with an embedded database or a networked system that can be deployed across your organization and managed centrally, Traka is a flexible and scalable solution customizable to meet your organizations requirements. It can even be integrated with your existing facility card access system.



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